The Two-Week Sugaring Season

After an almost two-week non-stop run, the sap has slowed to barely a drip, and sugaring season has come to an end.  It was a strange season to say the least.  We finished boiling when we usually begin; our sugar house has dates of first boils going back to the mid-1970s, showing the start of runs beginning around March 20th.  The past few years have begun earlier and earlier, though, making the maple syrup business that much trickier.

When we started boiling, snow still covered the ground and we welcomed the steam from evaporating sap as it warmed the sugar house and us.

Sugar House at Night

Evaporating Sap

Finished Syrup


By the time we all celebrated with sugar on snow (thick syrup poured on packed snow–a delicious treat), John Sr. had to search for the snow to use before we gathered at John Sr. and Judy’s house under warm sunny skies.

Pickles and Donuts to eat with Sugar on Snow! (The pickles cut the sweetness of the syrup).

John Pouring Sugar on Snow

Rocio Eating Sugar on Snow

Ben and Nicole Eating Sugar on Snow

Judy and Edge Adding Some Tunes!


Despite the short-lived season, we made some delicious syrup!  We have some on sale at our Farm Store; stop by to say hello and get a sweet treat!

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3 Responses to The Two-Week Sugaring Season

  1. It was a sad season for sure… I guess you could say the little that was made must be all the sweeter!

  2. ceciliag says:

    How amazing, coming from NZ maple syrup is such a treat, and seeing you make the real stuff is fantastic.. i wish your wee shop was closer! c

    • applecheek says:

      I traveled in NZ in 2009 and brought a few 1/2 pints of syrup as gifts for friends I was staying with…when I got back to VT and tried to send some to Tasmania, where I had also stayed, I found it would cost me over $70 to ship just a tiny amount! So now I REALLY appreciate maple syrup! Maybe you will travel up to VT sometime? I enjoy reading about your sheep!

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